When the waiter brings the wine to the table check that the temperature of the bottle. This is very important as some places keep their wines below the required temperature. Do not hesitate to ask for another bottle that is closer to the correct temperature because it will effect your experience at the table guaranteed. Check the label. Is it the one you ordered? And is it the correct vintage? If you do not like the vintage that is available ask for the Wine List again and choose something different.

It is very important is that the waiter open the bottle that you ordered at your table. He will pour a little bit in your glass for you to taste. Now you can apply the techniques that we taught you in order to know if this wine is good or not. Swirl the glass with the wine in it and sniff it, it does not matter if you have never tasted it before. You are checking it for faults. It should smell clean and sound. Then taste it. If it is good, you can tell the waiter to go ahead and pour for everybody.

What happens if it is not good? Don’t throw your weight around and spoil the event for everyoney. Just say, ‘I think we have a problem here, the wine smells very musty?’ Not eveone is going to accept your bottle back. Insist on the wine waiter to taste it himself or ask the manager to the table. Just be courteous. Remember, you are the customer and don’t have to stay, or you don’t have to give a tip at the end of the evening. The power of you as the consumer is very big. Always be polite even if it feels like you want to explode and do harm to somebody.

Mistakes happen. Do not write a place off because off one experience, inform them off the problem that you had before and that you want them to make sure they will take care off you this time.