Stellenbosch Mountains


Kanonkop vines


The owner of this estate, Beyers Truter, the previous wine maker at Kanonkop, is known in South Africa as the “Pinotage King”!  Beyers is a true pioneer when it comes to pinotage winemaking.  Pinotage is the only grape varietal indigenous to South Africa. The farm is a delight!  It is filled with sophistication and personable service. This farm is known for its unique local products, like the Pinotage – Burger, Pinotage – Sorbet etc.


This farm is South Africa’s “First Growth” farm with notoriety and a slew of awards. Grapes here are hand harvested and sorted on a sorting table. Their specialty is their Paul Sauer Blend and Cabernets. They are very much focused on quality and service excellence. Their wines are elegant, yet have lots of structure and is  long lasting.


Here we will embark on a true wine safari. Waiting for you will be your very own safari vehicle and safari guide. Be ready for a once in a lifetime experience!  From drinking out of the unique wedding wine-cup of Warwick to being escorted to your own picnic pod, you will experience true Winelands hospitality and the great selection of wines of Warwick. Be ready now for your leisurely picnic. Enjoy.


If there ever will be an “Icon Wine “ in South Africa, the Meerlust Rubicon will definitely be one of the candidates. This particular wine has achieved high visibility worldwide. They specialize in a Bordeaux Blend, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. You will not be disappointed because you would feel like you have entered true aristocracy. We will end our wine safari and drive over Polka Drive as the sun sets over the majestic Table Mountain.