WinePro.I know you are supposed to serve red wine with red meat and white wine with fish or chicken dishes, what to do when you are in a restaurant and the four people all order different dishes ? Is it necessary to order a wine to go with each dish ?

Rules are made to be broken now a days, the rule to have red wine with red meat is a guide . We are supposed to be more relaxed than our forefathers. There are several ways to deal with this , the matching of wines to a variety of foods but it depends on the circumstances.

You can play it safe by ordering a dry Rose.It will work well if it is a warm night.Or if the restaurant is serious about its wine it will be even better if you order from the wine by the glass list.Unfortunately as we all know that many of our restaurants keep boxed wine of dubious quality under the bar counter as their house wine . Unless you are sure about the quality and the source from where it comes from.

The other option is to ask your guest what wine do they prefer ? Very often a meat eater will prefer a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc, then there is no problem . The even better option is to order a not only One bottle for four people but to order a red and white for the table and then your guests can decide themselves what they would like to enjoy.

Tip:Remember when you look at the wine list be carefull to choose only the cheapest because many a time they are the worst quality and they have the highest mark-ups on them, so my suggestion is to go middle  price range because that is where you will find the best value for money for the quality.

O my goodness, rules no rules just remember to dine out is supposed to be fun so even if your guests want to drink a Shiraz bubbly with their South African rock lobster, why object, let your guests enjoy their experience.

Enjoy your experience into the World of Wine…………..