To begin with when a restaurant insist that the old wine on the wine list is better and therefore worthy of an exorbitant price, look again. Old is not necessarily better; nor always very good. As a rule do not go for the cheapest because the quality is sometimes dodgy and the highest mark-ups are on them. Be careful to order the house wine or the wine by the carafe,Make sure you have tasted it to see what the quality is like.Just spend a little more money and more time on the wine-list and you will get a better wine for the price. Being treated fairly in the exchange for the wine on the wine list add to the experience and to the ambiance of the evening. You do not want to be ripped off.

Bringing your own bottle is a time – honored alternative to a weak wine list. Some good small places cant afford a big wine –list. Make sure with the restaurant in question if it is acceptable.To make the experience more enjoyable here are a few things that should be done. Here is some protocol you can follow.

  • Call ahead to find out if they allow corkage and what the corkage fee is.
  • That the wine you are bringing is something special that is not on the list.
  • That you are considering ordering another bottle from the list to maintain good will.
  • That you are a fairly regular client.
  • That you include a reasonable value for the wine you bring when calculating the tip at the end off the evening.