When you go into a restaurant it is another ball game completely. What to do when you have people you want to impress (maybe the boss, potential client, whatever), is take control of the wine situation. This is the time when everyone is catching up on the latest news and start to relax, they should have something to drink in hand. Everybody is looking at the menu and the waiter can do his talk about the specials and all will listen. Some people would like to order the wine before the food while others want to order the food first and then order the wine. Here are just a few pointers of how to make this experience a much better one:

  • Ask for the Aperitif List before the Wine List or have a look at the Wine-by-the-Glass list. This way you save time and face in the situation.
  • Do not ask everybody what do they like, or hand them the Wine List to look at, this is no time for a Democracy! Instead ask them what food they will be eating, then you can choose to order 2 or 3 wines and have them opened at the same time. This way people can choose between white or red.
  • Not all wine lists are are listed with the varietals first, but it helps. Ask the manager or wine waiter for his recommendation, they are there to help. A good wine waiter/Sommelier will know which wines to pair with which food. You still have the prerogative to decide if you are going to take there recommendation or not.

Now that you saved the situation and face, everyone has a glass in hand, you also opened the floor for new discussions about wine and can share your knowledge with your guests.